Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter card for granny!

Привет всем!
Сегодня моя малышка не пошла в сад и решили мы сделать открытку для бабушки.
Из предложенной бумаги и форм, ребенок выбрал все сам.
Моя помощь заключалась лишь в том, чтоб все приклеить!

Hello everybody!
Today I want to share my daughter's Easter card with you.
She made it for her granny!
(our Easter will be on the 5th of May).

And we want to participate with this card 
in this wonderful challenge "Scallops" from Less is more!

Thanks for taking the time to visit I love to read your feedback:)


  1. Not much white space but a lovely card...
    Thanks for joining us this week
    "Less Is More"

    1. I know!
      We saw the challenge, made this card and only after this I read about white space)))))))))))

  2. I see you now know about the need for white space on submissions to our challenges... but you'll know for next time!
    This is a really pretty card however!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"


Thanks for taking the time to visit. I love to read your feedback:)