Saturday, August 24, 2013

Конфетка от Ксении в двойном размере!

Никогда не везет в конфетках, поэтому и не часто участвую в них, 
а здесь прям хочется-хочется!


  1. I wish to understand your language but I'm afraid that apart from pictures I have no clue what you saying :-( maybe consider writing in both languages?

    1. I wrote about the double-giveaway from one girl (you can click on the link)
      She draws 2 sets of giveaway for boy and for girl!
      But I'm affraid that this giveaway for Russian and CIS only(((

    2. That's fine x glad to have at least 1 scrapbook friend haha! Your English is very good by the way!


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